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Whether youre paddling the powerful, high-speed waters of the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe, bouncing through rapids on Californias Kern River or weaving through the rocks on a North Carolina creek, the exhilaration and adventure of running rivers is undeniable. Whitewater! Transports you to all these places and so many more - in glorious pictures and vivid, fact-filled chapters that convey all of the excitement of the sport as well as providing unparalleled information about every aspect of river-running by canoe, raft or kayak. Here, in one breathtaking volume, is all of the nuts-and-bolts knowledge you need to choose the right river for your skill level, acquire the right gear, read and navigate the water and more. On these pages, youll learn how to catch an eddy, scout a rapid, find an outfitter, choose a paddle...youll learn how to insure that every trip goes smoothly, and what to do in the event that an emergency does arise. And Whitewater! Offers so much more than just the mechanics of running rivers. It is an unprecedented celebration of the great whitewater, destinations of the world. Throughout the book, youll find dozens of rivers profiled in words and breathtaking photographs, rivers on every continent and in every climate, rivers that take the skill of an expert to navigate, rivers that can be enjoyed over the course of an challenging week, and even rivers that provide a pleasurable, one day family outing. Each profile includes color pictures, maps and all of the essential information you need to plan a trip - or relive cherished memories. From the dramatic Grand Canyon of the Colorado to the steep runs on the island of Corsica to the epic Futaleufu in Chile, therivers featured in Whitewater! will inspire you to yearn for the thrill of rushing water and the unique serenity of a riverside campsite at sundown. The author brings his years of experience running rivers and teaching kayaking to this invaluable resource, suitable for hardcore river rats and novices alike. Every detail is included and illustrated, from paddle stroke to wetsuits, surfing holes to planning a trip. An extensive resource guide includes information on how to find guides and outfitters, paddling clubs, river schools, guidebooks and more. Whether you are looking for a river nearby or an excuse to travel to remote corners of the world, this exuberantly illustrated, comprehensive book is sure to set you on a rewarding journey youll remember for a lifetime. BACKCOVER: Experience the exhilaration of the worlds greatest rivers in all their glory... Learn the skills, techniques, terminology and secrets of expert river-runners... Explore the unique joys of rafting, canoeing and kayaking...

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