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Writer trying to finish her current novel, check. Mysterious murderous past, uncertain parentage, check. Exotic location, check. Kehua! by Fay Weldon is a frame story, and the narrator, the author of the story of a torn family history of murder and incest, tells it like a modern ghost story. There are more a than a few modern Gothic horror allusions, including a character who is famous for starring as a vampire in a popular film franchise, in addition to the Maori ghosts, the kehua, who haunt characters and the narrator alike. Overall, its an interesting mix of retelling classic horror/ghost tropes for a modern reader as well as a mediation on writing. I read it in one sitting (flying across country) so I didnt notice as many issues with the characters being flat that others have brought up. Its a slow unveiling of the nature of the otherwise static characters, with the narrator actively wondering what to do with them next, that makes it a fun and spooky read.

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